Strategic Co-operations

Since 2007, Salveo has been building up successful and well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products in three independently operating areas, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and recently in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

On those markets, Salveo has been successfully linking innovative and creative health concepts with the newest solutions and practices. Balancing our pharmaceutical and marketing knowledge and continuously improving the quality of life and health care is the basic development directions of our young and dynamic team. Salveo offers its business partners the following services of the highest quality:

Ongoing research and market analysis

Registration of pharmaceutical products

Import and distribution

Product marketing

Local market expertise

Through innovative marketing campaigns and advertising, important tools in building bonds with end consumers of the products we represent, we have created the image of Salveo.
In the pharmaceutical marketing sector, we respect healthy competition and market principles. Not only do we achieve great results there, but we also inspire our clients to take on new business ventures and we boost their drive for success.

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