Salveo is an honest and reliable partner in providing ‘healthcare solutions’.


Our working day is focussed on the development of pharmaceutical and medical products and services. It forms our way of thinking and acting and forms our company culture servicing the markets we are present.

Salveo stand for a partner pursuing high quality in the representation of pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Salveo develops healthy, successful, well-known brands via innovative pharmaceutical products and services.

Salveo represents the vision of its business partners

Salveo strives to meet the expectations of customers to its products

Salveo offers a dynamic and challenging work environment for employees, investing in their knowledge and skills.


The purpose of Salveo Pharma is to develop innovative and distinctive health-supporting products and services and make these accessible to all potential consumers.

Key words are:

Confidence and satisfaction of consumers, business partners and stakeholders

Employee satisfaction

Sustainable growth and development


Main fixed values

Expertise and enthusiasm
Innovation and creativity
Open communication
Commitment to the highest ethical and moral standards