Our activities

Salveo Pharma is an exclusive distributor for several brands in the Netherlands and Belgium.
We are taking care of all the necessary supporting activities for these brands.

Purchasing – warehousing-delivering – invoicing

We buy the products, ensure they arrive I our GDP-certified warehouse and are being stored under the proper conditions. There the order are picked, packed and delivered to all potential customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Invoicing is done automatically via our state-of-the-art ERP system. Communication with warehouse and customers takes place via EDI.

Sales – marketing

Our sales team is in regular contact with all relevant sales channels of OTC-products. Whether it is an independent drugstore or a large drugstore chain, our team ensures that the brands are in the right shelve plans of the right distribution channels. In collaboration with our retail customers, we make sure that the brands are having the right support to be visible and available for all consumers.

Our creative marketing team is familiar with the market and with al modern marketing techniques and technologies. Based on market data and market research, creative and effective campaigns will be developed, in collaboration with expert advertising agencies, and will be converted into the appropriate media activities. The team is familiar with pricing strategies, media buying, shopper marketing, Point of Sale material development, online tools, TV, radio, Key Opinion Leader Management, Public Relations, packaging design, etc.


Product and Business support

Since our team has a very long experience in the European pharmaceutical market, we are able to provide our supplier-partners also support in the development of line-extensions and new products. The team is familiar with the current local (registration) legislation and has good contact with various kinds of suppliers of raw materials, semi-finished products and various types of packaging. There is also access to current market information (qualitative and quantitative).